Primo Star HAL/LED microscope,fixed-Kö,stage R,FOV 18,100x/0.8

Primo Star HAL/LED microscope, fixed-Kö, stage R, FOV 18, 100x/0.8 Complete configuration with fixed-Köhler stand including - halogen illumination with 6V 30W halogen lamp and LED warm-light, 3200K - 4-position nosepiece, tilted backwards - mechanical stage 75x30, drive right and specimen holder with spring clip left - binocular tube 30°/20 - eyepieces 10x/18 Br.foc. - objectives Plan-Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x/0.8 dry - condenser 0.9/ 1.25 - external power unit 100...240VAC/50...60Hz/30VA with country-specific adapters - dust cover - color filter set blue, green, yellow - 6V 30W halogen lamp (spare part)
A termék ára: 504 900 Ft
Termékszám: 415500-0053-000